TrustWay Chronos

TrustWay Chronos

Network security for CNI and government

Cyberattacks are increasingly aggressive and targeted: no one is safe.  Technology is evolving rapidly and with it the ‘cyber weapons’ at the disposal of hackers.  The security of data and communications are essential to maintaining National Security. This is particularly true of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and those organizations and agencies that depend upon it.

To fight today’s cyber threats, Bull developed TrustWay chronos (with support of the Ministry of Defense and the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI)). It has the highest encryption level–“Confidential Defense”–and is used to protect the most critical parts of the National communications infrastructure.


TrustWay chronos: IP Networks encryption solution

TrustWay chronos is used by the Critical National Infrastructure Provider (CNI) and Defense Industry, and meets the requirements of the French Military Programming Law (LPM in French).  According to the the LPM, OIV have the duty to ensure the defense and security of Critical National Infrastructures from cyber threats. Implementation decrees (for each vertical market) require Critical National Infrastructure Providers to take appropriate cybersecurity actions on critical information systems.


TrustWay chronos: the highest possible security levels

TrustWay chronos uses IPSec and provides the following security services:

  • Encryption of data flows
  • Embedded flows
  • Anti-replay management
  • Event logging


TrustWay chronos: a certified solution

  • Certified to the level “Confidential Defense” and equivalents–“Confidential NATO”, “Confidential EU” and “Confidential EUROCOR”.
  • Certified to the level of “Restricted Circulation” and equivalents–“Restricted Circulation NATO”, “Restricted Circulation EU” and “Restricted Circulation EUROCOR”.
  • Any acquisition of a TrustWay chronos requires a preliminary agreement from the ANSSI (the National Cybersecurity Agency of France).


TrustWay chronos: a complete range of defense-level security

TrustWay chronos is available in 3 interoperable encryption platforms ranging from 250 Mbits/s to 10 Gbits/s.  It includes a complete Management Infrastructure which offers centralized device customization, policy definition and distribution, and events management:



« Chronos » encryptor

Chronos encryptor can have a debit going up to 2*250 Mbits/s. Its design can be put as well on a bay as on a table.


« Hi Chronos » encryptor

Hi chronos encryptor can have a debit going up to 2*900 Mbits/s. It is especially designed to protect sites requiring important debits.

« X Chronos » encryptor

X chronos encryptor performs by its level of debit which can achieve 2*8 Gbits/s. It is perfectly compatible with the set of equipments from the CHRONOS range.