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Studying the aerodynamics of cruise ships

STX France HPC ondemanTo expand its leadership in cruise ship design, STX France decided to invest in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to study the aerodynamics of ship superstructures.

The aim of their research was to optimize airflow, to reduce fuel consumption and improve passenger comfort on external decks. Wind force data, which is important when it comes to manipulating simulations, is also provided by these calculations. extreme factory was used to run these highly complex simulations, and was able to solve the analysis on 264 cores with a near linear scalability.

The model that incorporates the balconies and separators is made up of 164 million cells. The simulations were run by STX in steady-state mode, using the simpleFOAM solver from OpenFOAM®. Post-processing was performed on the fly, in parallel, and enabled pictures including cutting planes and streamlines to be generated.



STX France

STX France is renowned as the builder of the most famous cruise ships in the world.