SIEM by bullion

Visuel SIEM I

A cornerstone to threat intelligence

The Security information and event management (SIEM) system enables a centralized reporting and analysis by bringing all data from various sources (hosts, servers, networks elements) to a central point and making cross source correlation.

The SIEM answers to 2 major organization challenges:

  • It is a cornerstone to threat intelligence and enables to apply security analytics to event data for the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches.
  • And simplifies regulatory compliance as it proposes compliant reporting as mandated by regulations authorities.

 The optimized SIEM infrastructure

SIEM by bullion, consolidates inside a single high-end server (2 in HA mode) many virtual machines each one delivering a specific function. It enables a smooth data center integration and easy connection to other security services.

The main benefits are improved security and cost reduction.



Atos is strongly committed to deliver a full range of services from consulting (security, infrastructure …) to integration expertise to ensure successful SIEM implementations.

A dedicated or mutualized turnkey security solution can also be proposed: the Security Operations Center (SOC).