Secure transaction


Securing electronic transactions based on a trusted infrastructure.

Securing your e-transactions

When making an e-transaction, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of that transaction is a vitally important issue. Securing payments – effectively a transaction in its own right – is also highly sensitive. In case of fraud, companies and financial institutions can suffer significant losses in terms of damaged reputations and the theft of sensitive data as well as financial loss. That is why securing transactions demands efficient, reliable and flexible security solutions, fully integrated into information systems and payment systems, in compliance with industry standards.
The building blocks from Bull atos technologies for a relevant  Trust Infrastructure

Hardware Security Module for fianncial institutions

Working in collaboration with major international banking networks, financial institutions and strategic partners such as software publishers, Bull has designed crypt2pay Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), addressing market demands as well as the highest security requirements. Crypt2pay secures your financial transactions.

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Electronic Certificates

Electronic certificates allow applications to integrate security services such as user authentication, non-repudiation of transactions and the confidentiality of data exchanges and transactions. Bull – a leading European player on IT security – offers comprehensive solutions for creating electronic certificates and manage their lifecycle.

Beyond the management of digital certificates, Bull also offers a wide range of security solutions to meet the needs of applications to include electronic signature and/or time-stamping functionality to created shared, comprehensive and sustainable trusted infrastructures. Digital signatures secures documents with integrity cheks and non repudiation guarantee. Time stamping adds a trusted date and time associated to e-transactions. Bull atos technologies supports organizations in implementing these infrastructures, from the initial definition of needs right through to their integration and hosting in our highly secure centers.

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Smart Cards control

cardosSmart Cards are a well established and mature technology to improvethe trustworthiness and accountability of electronic transactionsby providing a secure proof of identity of the card holder.
Due to new requirements coming from national or international regulation (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley-Act (SOX)) and cost reduction demands, smart cards are increasingly introduced in different fields of public and private sectors, namely for e-government, e-administration, social services, tourism as well as for IT and physical access control in enterprise environments.
Through our leading CardOS® solutions, we provide you with smart cards that guarantee identity and control access and make you more efficient in your business and your interactions with customers and citizens. CardOS from Atos is a multifunctional native smart card operating system, which is extendable by customized packages to amend or adjust the operating system functionality.

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