Secure your IoT environment with a end-to-end approach

Bull IoT security

Cybersecurity, the emerging challenge of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is leading the routes for a digital transformation in all sectors: SmartCity, SmartGrid, SmartHealth, SmartFactory, SmartCar…

This rise of the Machines is bringing a new Cyber Security reality. The machine enabling digital transformation will keep all its promise only if the overall infrastructure and business applications are safeguarded through innovative cyber security approaches.

This realisation is often followed by an observation of lack of knowledge, which can halt a number of projects. Security questions are indeed often badly understood, partly because they affect different employees within the company and also due to the lack of advisors with all the necessary skills who are capable of providing a universal and integrated solution.


Bull Atos technologies provides a solution of trust in the service of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and ensures the security of the IoT on every level through its IoT Security Suite:

With its wide-ranging technology expertise and its R&D centers dedicated to IoT security in France and Germany, Bull supports its customers through their ‘digital transformation’, so they can entirely benefit from it while managing the risks involved at the same time.

Millions of objects are already secured by Atos solutions (smart metering…) and securise the first LoRaWan network deployed in France with Objenious (Bouygues Telecom).