PIS : Passenger information system

PIS : Passenger information system

Providing real-time information to public transport users (traffic, weather, events, etc.) for more enjoyable and comfortable journeys.

A more modern, urban image to boost passenger satisfaction

The Bull passenger information system improves the quality of services offered to users. Using the information supplied, travelers can take much greater control over their journeys in the urban environment:

  • Destinations, arrival, departure and journey times
  • Moving through and discovering the urban environment
  • Next stop, actual and initially planned arrival times
    • Anticipated delay before the next stop or the final destination
    • Various transport connections available at upcoming stops
    • Places of interest accessible at upcoming stops
  • Information constantly updated in real time.
  • Weather, environment, arts and local events, video clips etc

Integration with public transport

The Bull passenger information system integrates smoothly with existing transport infrastructures. It can be installed on new or refurbished vehicles, and facilitates maintenance and operations:

  • Service continuity: permanently available on line, phased implementation
  • Protecting capital investment: reusing and updating existing infrastructure, with no need to change operators
  • Appropriate cost model: sustainable and scalable technologies, media for local advertisers
  • Single point of contact: for assessment, installation and monitoring. Optional services: operations and content management

Why choose Bull’s solution?

  • A comprehensive passenger information management system
  • A lasting investment: state-of-the-art hardware
  • Reliability: 30 years experience in critical systems
  • Optimum running costs: high-quality hardware and robust devices
  • Modular, scalable solution: with the option to gradually add devices as needed and ensure in-service support
  • Ease of installation with service continuity: compatible with existing telecoms and IT infrastructures and compliant with industry standards
  • Ease of administration and operation: centralized system administration, maintenance and support