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Network Security

Enhance the security of your sensitive networks

Data security of users is becoming a priority for all CIOs. In a regulatory environment strengthened day by day to guarantee data confidentiality, stream encryption becomes necessary.

In a context where data became the new gold, risks related to data theft are constantly increasing. To address these threats, information flows become a significant concern and have to be highly secure. With its solution (up to defense-level security), Bull helps companies and organizations in managing data exchanges to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

With TrustWay VPN, Bull provides you with a solution which allows you to be compliant with strict regulations on data protection for each business process such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS… In this way, TrustWay VPN offers a network encryption solution suited to your needs. Easy to implement, both in terms of installation and day-to-day operation, TrustWay VPN allows you to manage a vast network and offers a maximum scalability and longevity of your investments.

With TrustWay VPN, offer the highest level of security to your networks that your business challenge and regulations require.

Our complete range of VPN solutions

TrustWay VPN3-100, VPN3-300 and VPN3-600

Security for central sites and subsidiaries

TrustWay CRX2 and CRX3

Security for branch offices


TrustWay CRX

Security for your home-office

Chronos encryptors

Network security for CNI and government

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