IoT – Secure data and communications

IoT communications

How to guarantee the availability, the integrity and the confidentiality of exchanged data?

Internet of Everything (IoE) is a structured network composed of billions of connected elements: people, devices, objects (IoT), “processes”, places and any other data source, creating new uses and opportunities.

In this context, large quantities of Big Data are generated and have to be transmitted between various actors of this ecosystem and towards concentrators that are able to store and analyze them.

Packaged and routed data goes through different hands until it is used. Its integrity and confidentiality must therefore be secured throughout its journey across this ecosystem, right down to the end user who should be able to rely on it in complete confidence.

To do this, it is vital to implement a security strategy that suits the specific technology of the IoT concerning data transmission.

Cybersecurity is the main issue, either for:

  • low-power long-range protocols (LoRa, Sigfox, NarrowBand…), suited for systems of sensors distributed on non-electrical objects,
  • short-range protocols (Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth Low Power, etc.) that can be integrated into electrical devices and/or benefit from a gateway link.

The value proposition of Bull Atos technologies in this field consists in bringing all its expertise to secure data exchanges also known as digital transactions.

This one is based on a unique know-how regarding symmetric and asymmetric cryptography in HSMs (Hardware Security Module), digital certification or digital signing as well.

The various components used to ensure this securing during the exchanges are based on:

  • A trust infrastructure with PKI to secure communicating networks (M2M, AMI, AMR, gateways, servers…)
  • A security server able to check the integrity and to control confidentiality of data
  • A Hardware Security Module payment (HSM) to perform cryptographic computations in central without compromising the keys.