Trustway Proteccio OEM – HSM

TrustWay Proteccio OEM

Build your Own Cryptographic Appliance

This is the new motto that every software editor or system integrator in the world can make his own thanks to the HSM TrustWay Proteccio® OEM platform crucial capabilities. Porting in the secure boundaries of TrustWay Proteccio OEM a security application on a Linux operating system has never been so innovative and so easy.


trustway-cadena Porting your application – No one HSM vendor can cover alone all market needs in the world. Hence, our strategy is to be platform open, a real step furher than merely be platform agnostic, by giving the Editors the  possibility to embed their previously server-hosted application directly on a proven security co-processor evaluated against international certifications.


trustway-dossier-sec High Security – Main technical and security benefit that derives from the all-in-one concept developped by TrustWay Proteccio is that it greatly simplifies the mode of operation of the cryptographic appliance unique to each end customer site.

Key business benefit for the Editors leads to a complete mastering of their business model with no interference whatsoever from the HSM vendor.


chrono Scalability – In order to address the spectrum of varied performance and cost requirements, a flexible offer of two variants can be ordered. Still the Editors’ cryptographic appliance delivers the same security-certified cryptographic hardware and firmware.



Trustway Proteccio OEM at a glance


Form factor Rack-mountable 2U platform
Algorithms Asymmetric encryption: RSA

Symmetric encryption: AES 128 to 256, 3DES

Digital Signing: RSA PSS, PKCS v1.5, ECDSA

Hash: MD5, SHA-1, SHA 256, SHA 384, SHA 512

Supported named curves: ANSI, NIST, ANSSI and all curves up to 521 bits including Brainpool curves

Performances Asymmetric: Up to 1600 sign/s

Symmetric: Up to 200 Mbits encrypted by second

Interface Dual Ethernet port for LAN attachement

4 USB ports

Editors’package Editors’ defined Linux, Application, GUI and Administration