Trustway Proteccio NetHSM

Bull HSM TrustWay NetHSM

Security demands a variety of cryptographic solutions. The TrustWay Proteccio® family offers multiple variants to address your cryptographic needs.

TrustWay Proteccio NetHSM comes first for providing a trusted high-throughput cryptographic coprocessor.


trustway-cadena High security – TrustWay Proteccio netHSM adds a high-security environment to your Windows, Linux and AIX 32 / 64 bits servers for RSA-ECC-AES cryptographic functions and sensitive custom applications.


trustway-dossier-sec Certification
– The tamperproof design of TrustWay Proteccio netHSM has been certified under the Common Criteria EAL4+ and FIPS140-2 Level 3 (the later in progress). It encapsulates a Secured-by-TrustWay cryptographic sub-systems allowing you to run security-sensitive processes in a highly performing manner.


trustway-3-dossiersVirtual HSM
– As cost-sensitive customers, you will be pleased with the competitively priced TrustWay Proteccio netHSM family. The advanced virtual HSM capability  featuring 8 HSMs in-the-box provides partners and end customers alike with a very flexible price and performance option.


TrustWay Proteccio NetHSM at a glance


Form factor Rack-mountable 2U platform
Algorithms Asymmetric encryption: RSA

Symmetric encryption: AES 128 to 256, 3DES

Digital Signing: RSA PSS, PKCS v1.5, ECDSA

Hash: MD5, SHA-1, SHA 256, SHA 384, SHA 512

Supported named curves: ANSI, NIST, ANSSI and all curves up to 521 bits including Brainpool curves



Java Cryptography Environment JCE

Microsoft Crypto API (CSP & CNG)

Interface Plug-and-play fast host connectivity

High speed Ethernet 1 GB

Performances Asymmetric: Up to 1600 sign/s

Symmetric: Up to 200 Mbits encrypted by second