HSM TrustWay Proteccio gets Common Criteria EAL4+ certification

April 8, 2016

A crucial step in securing information systems

Atos, through its technology brand Bull, announces that it has received certification according to Common Criteria EAL4+ for the latest generation of its HSM solution TrustWay Proteccio®. This high-level certification is the fruit of rigorous work aimed at ensuring the security, product quality and full control of its industrialisation process. It is all part of Atos ongoing mission to offer both its French and its international customers certified products and thus every security guarantee required to meet their needs.

A crucial step in securing information systems.





Now the most sensitive applications such as PKI, timestamp, electronic signature and database security solutions will be able to benefit from certified cryptographic services. It is a major and permanent concern in the face of persistent and increasing incidents of all kinds of cyber threats for organisations while setting up these solutions.

With the TrustWay Proteccio range – developed, produced and supported by teams in France – Atos offers a real vision, proactively based on partnerships with French and international app publishers.

Thanks to this Common Criteria EAL4+ certification, whether they are French or international, operators of vital importance, sensitive administrations or private companies, our customers can be assured of complying with regulations, and can therefore focus on their work while benefiting from the technological advances and reductions in operating costs offered by TrustWay Proteccio with virtual HSMs or direct porting of applications in a secure enclosure.

” TrustWay Proteccio is a major asset in the Bull range of products and security solutions. This certification acknowledges the long-term technological work we have done, closely linked to the current and future needs of the market,” explains Chris MORET, Vice President of CyberSecurity at Atos. “We’re sure our customers will see this as an unfailing commitment by our company in securing critical information systems for their greater benefit.”