Hoox – ultra secure smartphone

Illustration brochure Hoox for business

With Hoox for business, preserve your mobile confidentiality

Threats to mobile security are growing exponentially. Securing communications in compliance with current regulations has become a priority issue and a strategic challenge for every organization.

The Hoox range phones are designed to provide a very high level of security.  Controlled communication ports, strong authentication, hardware encryption: the whole smartphone was created to protect your privacy.

Bull has empowered its Hoox phones with highly efficient encryption technologies and anti-intrusion protection. This protects not only each link, but also the entire security chain.
Hardware, operating system and the various software layers are designed to deliver a high level of security.

The Hoox for business solution is secured and maintained by Atos’ European experts.

Hoox for business is the only trusted solution that allows you to stay serene in all circumstances.

Communicate as usual – only securely

Based on a secure Android-based OS, Hoox for business combines confidentiality with user experience.

Hoox for business is the first solution that secures the entire communication chain:

  • Integrally secured smartphone
  • Controlled applications
  • Secured infrastructure
  • Fully encrypted communications (voice, messages and data)

Designed for business, Hoox is easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly. Keep working as usual without being preoccupied by the security of your data.

Unprecedented conference function

Communication functions are integrated into standard applications.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Hoox for business ensures high professional efficiency through the secure use of all essential functions of a smartphone as well as additional functions tailored for collaborative use:

  • Secured multiple voice conferencing
  • Secured group instant messaging and voice
  • Secured mail.

Application store for a high level of security

The communication infrastructure of Hoox for business contains a private application store dedicated to each organization.

This space provides specific applications as well as mainstream applications previously controlled by Atos.

Organizations are ensured a high level of security for the applications used by their employees.

A completely renewed range of smartphones

The Hoox range is composed of two new Android-based smartphones.

Hoox for business offers a new approach to the device. Our smartphone range will be constantly renewed to keep the offer up-to-date and cover the uses of the most demanding users.

Two ways to adopt Hoox:

  • Hoox “as a service” for a fast and easy deployment.
  • Hoox “on premise” for total sovereignty on your organization’s data.

Contact our experts to find the right solution for you.