Hardware Security Module (HSM)

HSM cryptographic

In a context where Cyberthreat is constantly evolving, securing data became a major stake for companies and critical infrastructures.

Data protection measures are mandatory and become a priority in company security policy. They must therefore resort to high security solutions, in particular in order to comply with the new regulations (LPM, GDPR, etc.).

The range TrustWay Hardware Security Module (HSM) is designed to insure integrity and security of customers’ cryptographic operations, by protecting their hardware key management and cryptographic operations in an inviolable device. This strong certified cryptography guarantees a high availability and safe restore, an easy installation and an ergonomic management application.


Our range of Hardware Security Module (HSM)

General purpose
HSM TrustWay Proteccio NetHSM

Innovation in security technology is the master word with TrustWay Proteccio NetHSM. Eight independently managed cryptographic virtual HSMs sheltered in one physical HSM are made available for a high-secured operational flexibility.


  HSM TrustWay Proteccio OEM

TrustWay Proteccio OEM offers the possibility to deploy custom applications that are integrated then securely executed in the appliance and benefit from an easy programmability environment.


HSM TrustWay Proteccio USB

TrustWay Proteccio USB offers control and security. The USB connectivity allows maintaining the sensitive environment offline in order to avoid any loss of data, a direct connectivity between the customer’s machine and the HSM. One of the benefits is also the rackable platform of a U to be easily integrated into your infrastructure.

HSM Payment
HSM Crypt2pay

Crypt2pay is specially designed to secure withdrawal and payment transactions using credit, debit or store cards (authorization requests). It secures face-to-face transactions of all types, with or contactless payments, including contactless payments, as well as Internet sales.