Hardware Security Module (HSM)

HSM cryptographic

As a European player in integrated security, Bull atos technologies has built up a unique body of expertise in information systems security and an in-depth understanding of corporate security technologies.


Bull experts capitalize on a recognized know-how gained during the course of 20 years in the industry designing and manufacturing Hardware Security Modules. Our customers can assess the risks they face, and implement and manage appropriate security solutions to protect their business.

Bull provides two HSM ranges: TrustWay Proteccio and crypt2pay.


TrustWay Proteccio®, the NextGen HSM

TrustWay Proteccio HSMs provide a replacement for the long standing HSM family TrustWay Crypto PCI and TrustWay box. It is offered in many flavors so to fit to most of the today’s and tomorrow’s market demands in the fields of PKI, Digital Signature, Time stamping and more use cases.

Trustway Proteccio Range is broken down into two versions: NetHSM as network attached HSM and OEM as a cryptographic platform to embed application.

Scalability with TrustWay Proteccio virtual HSMs

Innovation in security technology is the master word with TrustWay Proteccio. Eight independently managed cryptographic virtual HSMs sheltered in one physical HSM are made available for cost-effective operational flexibility.

TrustWay Proteccio code signing capability ensures the integrity of the application in a trusted OEM appliance.

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Programmability within TrustWay Proteccio secure boundaries

Another outstanding innovation of TrustWay Proteccio OEM is offered through the deployment of custom applications that are integrated then securely executed in the appliance. TrustWay Proteccio OEM provides a single cryptographic appliance with the combination of a standard application server platform and a dedicated hardware security module.

TrustWay Proteccio OEM code signing capability ensures the integrity of the application in a trusted OEM appliance.

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Crypt2pay: HSM for e-payment transactions

Crypt2pay is the specialist HSM (Hardware Security Module) designed to secure withdrawal and payment transactions using credit, debit or store cards (authorization requests).

Crypt2pay secures face-to-face transactions of all types – including contactless payments – as well as Internet sales (3DSecure™). In addition, it can be used to security all transactions carried out at electronic payment processing centers including: data preparation for cards and mag-stripes, computation of secret codes, securing the card payment account number (PAN), generating and printing confidential code letters, trans-encryption between networks…

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