Globull – Secured mass storage

globull - Secured mass storage

Globull is a highly-secured external drive. It allows users to address mobility issues and respond to the need for high levels of security going up to defense-level security.


With Globull, you can work everywhere securely with serenity, thanks to its 60 Go encrypted external drive and its strong authentication system. It protects all your sensitive internal documents which could be subject to a cyberattack.

Even in case of loss, the confidentiality of your data stays ensured.


Use cases:

With globull, end the nightmare of strategic data stolen or lost on a laptop or USB key, of hacked systems, exposed trade negotiations, disclosed R&D studies, revealed diplomatic secrets, prejudiced reputation… Never make such efforts to synchronize your data with both your desktop and mobile stations ever again.

With globull, your company also ensures the success of its mobility projects protecting its informational heritage. By combining globull and self-service PC, you could even imagine innovative approaches consisting in rationalizing your IT system infrastructure. It would allow you to reduce acquisition, administration and support costs of your workstations.

With globull, concerning processing and protection of the secret, you can transport and store your information up to defense-level security thus complying with regulatory aspects and legally protecting your collaborators. The concept and instructions of the equipment use allow to avoid engaging the responsibility of the user in case of loss.


Acquisition terms:

For each acquisition of a globull external drive in defense version, the French administration and the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) reserve the right to control the legitimacy of your request.

Your request must be expressed in the form planned for that purpose on the Bull web site. We will transmit it to the ANSSI which will contact the Information Systems Security Officer (OSSI in French) of your company and will rule on the admissibility of the request. Once this one is granted, the ANSSI gives to Bull the authorization to establish trade links and to launch the sale process.