Smart Card Solutions


From identity to trust

Smart Cards are a well-established and mature technology to improve the trustworthiness and accountability of electronic transactions by providing a secure proof of identity of the card holder.

Due to new requirements coming from national or international regulation (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley-Act (SOX)) and cost reduction demands, smart cards are increasingly introduced in different fields of public and private sectors, namely for e-government, e-administration, social services, tourism as well as for IT and physical access control in enterprise environments.

Through our leading CardOS® solutions, we provide you with smart cards that guarantee identity and control access and make you more efficient in your business and your interactions with customers and citizens. CardOS from Atos is a multifunctional native smart card operating system, which is extendable by customized packages to amend or adjust the operating system functionality.

Used across all markets CardOS offers a multitude of applications like eID, ePassports, citizen cards, health insurance and health professional cards, employee badges, driver licenses, signature cards, as well as loyalty cards.

Atos CardOS API middleware is available separately and provides seamless integration to standard applications on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Atos CardOS SmartOTP and CardOS OTP-Calculator offer solutions for easy and secure calculation of One Time Passwords (OTP) with CardOS Smart Cards.

Atos integrates smart card solutions across your business processes:

  • Central user administration, role administration and single sign-on systems with Smart Cards
  • Document encryption and digital signatures with Smart Cards (e-mail, documents and media)
  • Security Solutions with Smart Card technologies
  • Embedded security solutions with smart card controllers

The possible solutions with smart cards cover: 

  • Identification (access, ID-cards, passports …)
  • IT access (logon, boot protection, file/folder or media encryption)
  • Physical access and access control/supervision (building, special areas or rooms, garage …)
  • Document authentication by digital signatures (document archives, workflow solutions …)
  • Payment solutions (cantina, vending machines …)
  • Service authorization (tourism, social services …)
  • Authentication with One Time Passwords (OTP).