SAP HANA Appliance by Atos and EMC

Big Data Appliance: unlock new insights in real time!

Big Data offers a high-speed way to transform data into real value.
SAP HANA technology offers best-in-class implementation of in-memory database.

Capitalizing on their long-lasting and strategic relationship, Atos and EMC® bring to the market a new range of SAP HANA®certified appliances, the bullion for SAP HANA.
It delivers a fully certified, secure, high-performance solution, suitable for even the most mission-critical environments.

Atos & EMC engineered an appliance dedicated to Big Data in-memory applications. It is designed for real time decision making thus improving business productivity and IT efficiency.
It is based on the bullionTM server and a VNX®5400 unified storage system from EMC, fully racked, providing unmatched scalability and performance.

A whole range of appliances

There are more than 20 models of certified bullion for SAP HANA appliances, all based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 Family and on the same innovative technologies.
EMC provides a range of mission-critical availability and data protection capabilities to keep SAP HANA data available and secure.
The benefits of this appliance:

  • Scalability
  • Robustness
  • Reliability

Atos unique end-to-end SAP HANA capabilities

Atos provides an end-to-end solution including infrastructure design, SAP HANA architecture optimization and flawless project deliveries.

  • 11,000 SAP experts in 72 countries
  • 6,000 + implementations in 90+ countries
  • Over 1,400,000 end-users supported
  • A global SAP HANA Center of Excellence including a SAP HANA Lab

Atos, a long term SAP HANA Partner, has received the Pinacle Award “Exponential Growth of the year” at Sapphire 2015.