bullion for SAP HANA®

Unlock new insights in real time!

SAP HANA enables real-time business

Running business based on data in sync with reality is a go-to element for better overall performance and efficiency. Ensuring rapid and secure access to data consolidated in a central repository enables to optimize a production, work on live financial elements or inventories. The key element to go real-time in the Database environments is to have all structured data staged in-memory. In-memory database is an innovative technology to boost performance and unlock new insight.

SAP positioned HANA at the very heart of his strategy and will leverage it’s fantastic possibilities by rewriting it’s applications to deliver new features and insights: it’s the S/4 HANA journey.

Bullion for SAP HANA: the platform of choice

To fully leverage HANA potential, the underlying infrastructure based on the bullion server provides:

* Flexibility: bullion for SAP HANA is available in 3 different modes:


* Quality of service: as HANA is a component of the most critical systems, reliability, availability and maintainability of the infrastructure with optimal uptime is an asset. Bullion is fully compliant  to this request with many patented innovations
* Scalability: the same technology is to be used from small (512GB) to very large (8TB) systems to preserve investments and face the data volume growing challenge. Bullion for SAP HANA has an exceptional scalability