Real-time Analytics – Finance

Real-time Analytics - Finance

Real-time Analytics Appliance for timely decision-making in finance!

Following the financial crisis and the strengthening of regulations (like compliance with the future FRTB banking regulations), banks must better manage risks in terms of market, credit and liquidity.
Atos partners with Quartet FS, the provider of the ActivePivotTM in-memory analytical software, to launch a solution “in the box” that speeds up data analysis and improves the operational decision-making process for financial institutions.

Being able to calculate all types of risk metrics with data visualization both aggregated and very detailed is a real challenge that can only be met with in-memory computing.

This is now possible with Atos new real-time analytics Appliance based on ActivePivot and powered by the JavaBooster by bullion platform.

In-memory software for finance: ActivePivot from Quartet FS

ActivePivot from Quartet FS is an innovative Java in-memory database, aggregation and calculation engine that enables financial institutions to calculate all types of risk metrics and evaluate “what if” scenarios to take decisions.

In-memory technology completes all operations, no matter how complex, in a matter of seconds instead of minutes or hours and ensures a fluid end-user experience.

Deploying ActivePivot on the JavaBooster by bullion platform enables high performance and unmatched flexibility.

An Appliance to make it simple:

  • Pre-validated stack to guarantee performance and fast deployment
  • One stop shopping, single point of support
  • Unmatched scalability and optimize the TCOActivePivot and JavaBooster by bullion: a whole range

ActivePivot and JavaBooster by bullion: a whole range

The benefits of bullion real-time analytics Appliance:

  • Easy capacity expansion to follow business growth and evolution
  • Ready for massive data usage (even more than 10 TB)
  • High Performance and pauseless operations