Make sense of your data with bullion

The real-time age, ready for In-Memory

bullion for Big Data

Opening up unprecedented new options for data analysis, big data is turning the relationship between the organization and its information upside down. So many new challenges for your infrastructure to deal with!

The bullion solution…

Benefiting from Bull’s experience in High-Performance Computing, bullion not only delivers computing performance, but also high-speed I/O, so it can respond reliably to the extreme requirements of real-time flows.

Ready for in-memory

The world’s fastest x86 server, bullion has exceptional memory. Offering up to 24TB, it is the ideal platform for In-Memory Analytics, which significantly boosts the performance of BI systems. Bull has established many partnerships with ISVs to optimize theirs solutions on the bullion platform.

  • Bullion for SAP HANA®

SAP HANA in-memory data base solution leverages bullion unmatched scalability, reliability and quality of service toboost ERPs performance and become the core database in tomorrow’s architectures. This platform can be delivered on three different models:

  1. Appliance model: bullion is provided pre-integrated with EMC VNX ® storage and SAP HANA preloaded to optimize deployment, with centralized support and performance commitment
  2. TDI model: Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) program for SAP enables maximum flexibility, relying on bullion certified server and external SAP certified storage
  3. VMware® model: SAP HANA might also be deployed over bullion in VMware VM, to leverage virtualization possibilities for test,  pre-production  and limited production environments


  • bullion and Tibco®

bullion teams up with Tibco Business Event to provide a fast data platform. Through vertical scaling and unmatched memory capacity, bullion provide a very affordable complex event processing solution