Data Lake and Analytics Factory by bullion

Data Lake and Analytics Factory by bullion

A flexible appliance to speed up implementation of Big Data solutions

To provide better business performance, enhanced operational excellence and business reinvention by leveraging organizations data sets, Bull provides the combination of data storage and analysis: the Data Lake and Analytics Factory by bullion, an fully integrated appliance in a secure and industrialized way.

This unique solution is easy to integrate, embedding a large set of advanced analytics tools, based on an open architecture by bullion, the most scalable and powerful server available in the market.

With this “solution in a box”, gain agility and speed up Big Data deployments:

> Data Lake created in a few weeks
> Big Data applications deployed in a few days

An integrated and powerful software suite

This software suite proposes:

> A state of the art Data Lake, based on Hadoop technology, with all the tools to deploy it in a few seconds and easily manage all its lifecycle
> Combined products to very quickly deploy data refining and analytics capacities
> A low-level software layer enabling flexibility and scalability to sustain needs and data growth even on various environments (on premise or in the cloud) for temporary capacity add-on.

The software suite will provide:

Data visualizationData visualization
: watching a lot of data put together on a very graphic perspective deeply enhance the brain capacity to get the underlying information



Geo positioningGeo positioning: as a complement of the data visualization, the capacity to watch how things, events and information are linked geographically



Advanced searchAdvanced search: capacity to search in a broader spectrum is a way to leverage data capital. For example, analysts estimates that business workers lose each year hundreds of hours just seeking information, files and data  they already have had at hand


Advanced analyticsAdvanced analytics: making sense of machine data, sensors and such is considered as one of the future next gold mine



The Data Lake & Analytics Factory appliance powered by bullion to makes it simple, secure and efficient

The underlying bullion server, delivers an exceptional processing power performance and unmatched modularity, enabling fine tuning of hardware needs thanks to its unique architecture and virtualization technology. Bullion will host both an infrastructure as a service (IAAS) and the virtual machines to run the Data Lake & Analytics on the very same hardware.The Data Lake & Analytics Factory appliance powered by bullion to makes it simple, secure and efficient

This enables to power both the Data Lake and Analytics environments on the very same hardware and thus improves dramatically the flexibility, security and TCO, like in Data Center virtualized environments.

Other interesting appliance features:

> Pre-integrated hardware and pre-loaded software to speed-up deployment
> Predictable performance thanks to validated and benched components enabling service availability
> Easy upgrades, both at hardware and software level
> One stop shopping and one stop support to make it simple