bullion for SAP HANA delivery model


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TDI stands for Tailored Datacenter Integration and describes a program that allows HANA customers to leverage existing hardware and infrastructure components (compute, network, storage) for their HANA environment. Those existing materials have to be certified by SAP and a public list of those TDI certified components is publicly available. By comparison an HANA appliance comes with all necessary certified components pre-configured and is provided by certified HANA hardware partners. TDI enables to maintain a consistent skill sets and reduce overall investments.

The bullion server is certified for TDI environment thus enabling a high flexibility in the deployment model. Moreover bullion for SAP HANA proposes an exceptional scalability from 2 to 16CPUs and according memory capacity per use-case (BW or SoH) as seen in the appliance.



SAP HANA TDI overview: https://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-63140


Virtualized by VMware®

For limited production environments – up to 4 CPU as for now – SAP HANA may be executed on a VMware® vSphere 5.5® environment. This enables also to very easily run pre-production, tests and disaster recovery environments and reduces overall cost of ownership. The capacity to make virtual machine motion increases availability and overall uptime. This is the third available delivery model of the bullion for SAP HANA offer.