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With the digital transformation, companies continuously modernize their IT, develop innovation and rapidly shift to cloud based models.

A complete agility during any phase of the application lifecycle is paramount. It requires more application development efficiency and the cloud enablement of existing and new applications.

Alien4cloud allows IT operations to be responsive to any business application team requirement with more IT agility and effectiveness.

Enterprise DevOps platform & Cloud enabler

Alien4cloud fully automates the application lifecycle, from development to deployment and production both on premise and for all types of cloud. It allows customers to leverage the best infrastructure during all steps of the application lifecycle on an on-demand basis by abstracting the application from the infrastructure.

With alien4cloud

– Accelerate Time To Market

  • industrialize business application development
  • deploy in a few minutes instead of a few days without an expert support- Reduce TCO
    – No vendor lock-in (TOSCA compliant)

Thanks to

– A role based self-service portal
– A powerful blueprints designer
– A TOSCA component and blueprint catalog accelerating the application design and reusability
– Application portability across different infrastructures, while guarantying no lock-in