extreme factory – supported applications

Continuous integration of applications in extreme factory on demand

Software Market ISV
ADMS Urban Meteo CERC
AmberTools Molecular Open source
AVBP Engineering Open source
BLAST Genomics Open source
BLENDER Rendering Open source
Chimere Chemistry Ineris
Comsol Multiphysics Engineering Comsol
CST Studio Suite Electromagnetism CST
Deeplines Engineering PRINCIPIA
Digimat Material Ex-stream
Ensight Visualization CEI / Distene
FASTA Genomics Open source
FDS Fire simulator Open source
Fine, Fine/Marine Engineering Numeca
GROMACS Molecular dyn. Open source
HMMER Biochemical Open source
IFPC3D Engineering IFPEN
LAMMPS Molecular dyn. Open source
LS-Dyna Engineering LSTC / Alyotech
Matlab Maths The Mathworks
Morfeo Engineering Cenaero
NAMD Molecular dyn. Open source
Open Telemac Earth Science Open source
OpenFOAM Engineering Open source
Paraview Visualization Open source
PowerFLOW Engineering Exa
Radioss Engineering Altair
Relight Rendering The Bakery
Samcef Engineering Samtech
SciLab Maths Open source
Star-CCM+, Star-CD Engineering CD-Adapco
Tecplot Visualization Genias
VASP Molecular Open source
Virfac Engineering Geonx
Visit Visualization Open source
VPS (PAM-CRASH, Visual Environment) Engineering ESI Group
Workbench, (CFX, Fluent, Ansys Mechanical) Engineering Ansys
Xflow Engineering Xflow
and many more…