Bull Evidian

Protecting access and keeping control of identities

Organizations are increasingly open to the outside world, and constantly evolving. In order to be ever more competitive, they must be flexible and adapt to the challenges of mobility and e-business. At the heart of this transformation, Identity and Access Management is at the heart of concerns. Security is essential and it must be appropriate to the context and issues, as well as getting users and the business on board.

  • So how do you provide authentication for your systems and manage clearances for your users and customers?
  • What tools can you use to govern local and remote access?
  • How can you provide access to applications, taking into account the constraints of the Cloud, without revealing your passwords outside the secure perimeter of your business?
  • How do you ensure high availability of your critical systems when it comes to identity management?

Drawing on its expertise – unique in Europe – through its specialist company Evidian, Atos helps you define your authorization process and offers advanced identity and access management solutions tailored to your business processes. From traditional environments to Web services, with Bull, at last you can easily manage who’s who, and who is entitled to do what.

Evidian solutions: Atos announced that it has consolidated all its Identity and Access Management (IAM) products under Evidian to now include DirX.
The suite Evidian, strengthened with the DirX offer, is also among the most successful suites in KuppingerCole‘s Leadership Compasses.


Identity Goverance and Administration: Dynamically govern clearances for your users, employees, partners and customers, according to your business processes, and automatically provision user accounts for your applications in line with your organization’s security policy. Adapt user rights based on their changing job roles within the company and their need to know. Ensure proper separation of rights and guarantee the integrity of business processes, according to your business rules and applicable legislation.

Authentication Manager
: Manage access points into your information systems according to the sensitivity of applications involved: with simple and appropriate authentication measures: from simple passwords to full biometrics, from RFID to OTP tokens and smart card authentication via smartphone. Implement simple yet strong authentication solutions, without making your users feel as though they are being constrained.

Enterprise SSO
: Make things easier for your users by giving them a tool that will strengthen all the passwords they use, without undermining security. Opt for single sign-on, to help you drastically reduce the cost of managing your organization’s passwords: with fast and cost-effective implementation that can deliver full ROI in a matter of months.

: Play the mobility card by offering your users the ability to connect to your information system from any kind of device – professional or personal – via secure strong authentication. Access your applications wherever they are, whether in your office, a private Cloud or in a shared Cloud, while keeping total contol of your identities. Tailor your systems to new customer behaviors, by taking advantage of collective identities.

Business continuity
: Make your data and applications available thanks to an innovative and cost-effective software-only solution, and address the needs for load balancing, synchronous real-time data replication and application failover. Adopt a solution that’s easy to deploy, with no need for specific skills, which can be installed on your physical servers or virtual machines at your premises or in the Cloud.

DirX Server
: Directory services are critical components of today’s highly interconnected business environment, providing the foundation for identity and access management across the ever-widening boundaries of the enterprise.
DirX Directory provides a standards-compliant, high-performance, highly available, highly reliable and secure LDAP and X.500 directory server with very high linear scalability. DirX Directory can act as the identity store for employees, customers, trading partners, subscribers, and other e-business entities. It can also serve as a provisioning, access management and metadirectory repository, to provide a single point of access to the information within disparate and heterogeneous directories available in an enterprise network or cloud environment for user management and provisioning.

IAM for cloud and Managed services
: A recognized solution.
Evidian DirX portfolio for Identity and Access Management includes products for identity management and access governance, identity analytics and intelligence, Web access management, single sign-on, identity federation and directory services. With DirX, customers can choose from on-premise, managed or cloud-based delivery models and benefit from enhanced regulatory compliance and audit capabilities, greater security, higher efficiency and reduced overall costs. DirX is the leader in terms of scalability, reliability and high availability and offers outstanding flexibility when it comes to the automated creation of users, assignment of rights and operation.

Identity Intelligence and Analytics
: Identity Intelligence and Analytics is the process of producing, collecting, cleansing and correlating data about administration, authentication and authorization events and then transforming this data into actionable intelligence with respect to compliance regulations, business security policies and corporate risk management objectives.

Evidian DirX Audit provides auditors and security compliance officers with identity intelligence and advanced analytics for identity and access. DirX Audit complements the core IAM capabilities for administration, authentication and authorization by providing means to analyze and report on IAM operations and deliver the information necessary to support IAM governance and manage risks. With its analytical features, DirX Audit helps enterprises and organizations to ensure sustainable compliance and provide identity intelligence for the identity and access management processes.