Escala Servers


Moving to a cloud landscape has never been easier !

For Escala customers who are thinking about moving towards cloud, but are reluctant to try.

Today Atos announces a complete cloud-enablement offer including cloud-ready servers, on-premises cloud resources, and new services aimed at helping customers transform their traditional Escala environment into flexible, cost-effective and automated cloud infrastructures.

This latest Escala announcement helps customers accelerate the transformation of their IT environment into a cloud infrastructure, thanks to:

  • New Escala Mx-800C servers, providing the highest levels in the market of reliability, availability, flexibility, and performance, at an attractive price;
  • Atos’ 25+ years of experience in accompanying customers in their move towards new infrastructures, today facilitating cloud infrastructures;
  • An easy cloud trial with Atos’ AIX-on-Demand solution, delivering IaaS computing, performance, flexibility, agility and availability to support business growth.

The announcement includes Enterprise class servers, M6-800C, M7-800C and M8-800C bundled with an automation and cloud software stack: OpenStack based PowerVC Cloud Manager and open source automatization (Chef). This software stack increases efficiency, simplifies management and deployment tasks, and reduces possible human error.

Atos also announces attractive built-in on-premises OPEX resources offering at lower costs, with new price points for Power-on-Demand, in-reserve CPU and memory, and more flexibility as all the new Mx-800C models can be grouped into the same Enterprise pool.

In order to accompany the customer in their move to a cloud environment, Atos has developed a number of high-level services, provided by its experts:

  • Audit of current Escala Infrastructure for Cloud readiness
  • Private IaaS cloud deployment
  • Advanced automation
  • Audit of existing Private Cloud integration

And finally, for the customer who wants to test our off-premises AIX-on-Demand resources, Atos proposes an IaaS solution for AIX: Escala’s innovative ‘Try and Cloud’ offer. Atos proposes the creation of an off-premises, AIX LPAR for the customer, hosted in an Atos Data Center. The set-up fees for this access are free to customers with the purchase of an Mx-800C (some conditions apply).

Escala removes all the barriers to implementing a cloud infrastructure: take the first step and contact now.

Escala Power servers from Atos – Secure performance with reduced TCO

Escala POWER-based servers are designed for business applications and data-intensive workloads such as database, big data, analytics and cloud, all at an affordable price.

We deliver unprecedented performance and flexibility, enabling you to consolidate AIX and Linux workloads in a virtualized environment while achieving lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with reduced footprint, power and software license costs.

Escala servers provide reliability, availability, serviceability and security characteristics that are crucial for business critical applications, setting new standards for uptime, with a “meantime between fatal crash” of over 50 years.

Atos offers three types of Escala servers to meet your needs:

  • Escala modular servers
    Suitable for the most demanding requirements. Escala Power8 modules can be stacked together, creating a single-system image with up to 192 cores, providing unprecedented flexibility and record-breaking performance.
  • Escala entry servers
    Offer groundbreaking high-end features in an entry-level package. By taking advantage of the powerful Escala CPUs, the overall costs for Oracle, Jboss and many other ISV software licenses can be significantly reduced. AIX and Linux can also run side-by-side on the same server, further optimizing TCO.
  • Escala linux servers and Escala linux solutions
    Bring leading performance and TCO for the most challenging Linux workloads, offering the choice between the highly secure and proven PowerVM and the popular and widely used Open Source KVM hypervisor.


Atos added-value

Atos has created innovative products for Oracle databases, and mission-critical environments:

  • Operational Live Migration (OLM) allows automated migration of Oracle databases from HP-UX, Solaris or AIX platforms to Escala/AIX without impacting application uptime
  • Operational Database Booster (ODB) takes advantage of ultra-fast storage to significantly improve Oracle database performance while protecting infrastructure investment.
  • Application Rollover Facility (ARF) is a secure, high-availability, disaster recovery solution for Escala platforms, providing optimal availability for business critical applications, in an ergonomic and economic package.

For more information download one of the factsheets above or contact us directly.