Crypt2pay HSM cryptographique

Crypt2pay HSM cryptographique

Secure your payments transactions

Crypt2pay is the specialist HSM (Hardware Security Module) designed to secure withdrawal and payment transactions using credit, debit or store cards (authorization requests).

The crypt2pay Hardware Security Module is built on a proven and robust shared hardware platform. Similarly, management of embedded applications, the administration of the security appliance and the Key Management Center (KMC) tool facilitate the use of every version of crypt2pay.

When combined with applications that support specific details and business functionality, the crypt2pay Hardware Security Module (HSM) runs on a hardware coprocessor within an application server, allowing you to securely delegate all cryptographic processing to specialized device.

logo_fips The platform is protected by a full set of physical and logical measures, ensuring a high level of security, and has achieved FIPS Level 3 certification.

In addition, to accommodate our customers’ demands for best value, various performance levels are available.




Secures face-to-face transactions of all types – including contactless payments – as well as Internet sales (3DSecure™). In addition, it can be used to security all transactions carried out at electronic payment processing centers including: data preparation for cards and mag-stripes, computation of secret codes, securing the card payment account number (PAN), generating and printing confidential code letters, trans-encryption between networks…

HSM crypt2pay has been certified as compliant with the GIE’s CB MEPS standard in France, as well as with PCI-HSM whose main objective is to define and verify the measures needed to protect sensitive payment card information.


HSM crypt2pay includes both generic cryptography features (PKCS#11 mechanisms) and cryptographic functions dedicated to the security of card transactions (eg. transaction management services with an e-services card or card personalization not implemented using secure channels).

As a programmable HSM, crypt2pay also has the capacity to incorporate customer-specific processing functions in a dedicated application.

To facilitate integration, crypt2pay offers various programming interfaces, including Java interface, PKCS#11 and Microsoft (CSP and CNG).

In France, crypt2protect has achieved ANSSI CSPN (first level security certification) and is also RGS basic level certified.

KMC (Key Management Center)

The proliferation of applications and security modules requires the use of a centralized tool and the harmonization of key management procedures. The Bull KMC is a master key management solution designed for banks and large organizations wishing to centralize their key management.

In particular, KMC can be used to manage key production, do back-usp and restore keys securely and in a controlled environment, during key ceremony sessions. In addition, the KMC can facilitate key imports and exports.