Critical products

Critical products

Atos provides tailored solutions for its customers – in the form of standard products (COTS), consulting and services – that meet the highest standards of reliability, resilience and security, as well as the most stringent criteria in terms of their operational reliability and ruggedness.

Atos has developed extensive practical expertise in six key sectors. Our knowledge of standards, practices and specific business constraints allows it to take operational issues into account, even in the most complex situations. The customers of Bull solutions benefit from this expertise in their business sectors to develop their mission-critical systems and meet even the most stringent security requirements.


  • Ruggedized audio/video and multi-function calculators
  • Ruggedized mission recorders (data, audio, video)
  • Ground and flight testing resources (instrumentation and remote measurement)
  • Tactical digital bus couplers (1553B, 3910, Digibus)


  • Bespoke medical imaging and infotainment solutions
  • Support and expertise in the certification of medical devices
  • Business application software development
  • Development of certified bespoke hardware solutions

Marine >>

  • Secure communication systems and alarm systems
  • Military and civilian navigation instruments (BEN Marine)
  • On-board testing mechanisms and instrumentation
  • Tactical digital bus

Energy and industry

  • Command and control, supervision
  • Nuclear and radiation protection measures
  • Test benches and data acquisition
  • Security automation and electronics (SIL1 to SIL4)


  • Passenger information systems (PIS)
  • Ticketing and Transport on Demand solutions
  • On-board information, data acquisition products
  • Ruggedized visualization solutions and RFID products


  • Weapons facilities and missile systems
  • Embedded, ruggedized security calculators (air, land, sea)
  • Test mechanisms and tactical instrumentation
  • Mobile defense electronics (tablets, PDAs)

Offres transversales :

Integrated logistics support and in-service support: solid expertise

To ensure consistent security and compliance when it comes to mission-critical systems, Atos has developed unique expertise in Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and In-Service Support. Atos analyzes the risks of obsolescence for legacy electronic and computer systems, and takes the necessary corrective actions to optimize its operation over the long term. When components are no longer available or no longer offer sufficient guarantees, Atos engages in system renovation through retrofitting, remanufacturing and reverse engineering systems and electronic cards; all with solid commitments when it comes to functionality, continuity of service and lifespan.

Optimum physical security for sensitive sites

Buildings, sites, facilities, networks… physical security is a major issue across all sectors. As a consultant, supplier and integrator, Atos takes into account the specific characteristics of the business, corporate culture and local legislation to optimally adapt to the risks and operational context. Using its own tools – Bull Sesame 256  – and those of its partners, Atos develops and implements solutions including physical measures (security barriers, airlocks), video surveillance systems, digital image processing, automated number plate recognition, biometrics, alarms, etc. For maximum security, Atos can interconnect physical and logical security, by integrating Identity and Access Management solutions from its subsidiary Bull Evidian.