Unleash the performance of your HPC applications

Gone are the days when HPC users could rely on the progress of processor technologies to painlessly increase the performance of their applications. Today, the multiplication of compute cores, both in CPUs or through the addition of accelerators or coprocessors, means that a real optimization effort is required to make the most out of many-core technologies.

The Center for Excellence in Parallel Programming (CEPP), operated in partnership with Intel and NVIDIA, can help you ensure that your applications fully leverage the computing power and energy savings brought by many-core technologies.

The Centre for Excellence in Parallel Programming provides a large portfolio of services, from analysis, consulting, parallelization, to optimization of application codes.

Here are some examples of what you can do with the CEPP:

  • Set up a Proof of Concept to prove gains in performance
  • Attend a workshop, exchange with our experts and make the first steps to port, optimise and speed-up your simulations
  • Benchmark applications and solutions
  • Learn and train with our specialists
  • Get an introduction to a new technology
  • Access computing resources


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