bullx B700 Direct Liquid Cooling blade system

Nothing cools better than warm water

The bullx B700 DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) system offers revolutionary computing nodes adding high-density computing power without adding to the current heat load in the data center.

Energy consumption reduced by a third


To minimize energy consumption, the heat generated by the main components of a server must be evacuated by a liquid, as close as possible to the source of heat. This direct liquid cooling concept is implemented in the bullx B700 range: cooling occurs within the blade itself, by direct contact between the hot components (processor, memory, etc.) and a cool plate with active liquid flow within.

With direct liquid cooling, it becomes possible to cool the system with incoming water at 40°C. It is therefore no longer necessary to produce cold water, which represents considerable savings in terms of electricity consumption.

Unchanged serviceability

Bullx DLC cabinet

The bullx DLC cabinet contains all the equipment required for the water circuits. It simply has to be connected to the site’s water circuit. Inside the cabinet, a ready-to-use closed water circuit evacuates the heat from the compute blades via a heat exchanger.

Each chassis is a closed water circuit that can be removed for maintenance without shutting down the entire cabinet. Similarly, each blade is connected to the chassis’ water circuit by dripless connectors, and can be removed as easily as any traditional blade, without stopping operating of the neighboring blades.

Furthermore, unlike many of the liquid cooling solutions available on the market, the bullx B700 range uses totally standard components: Intel® Xeon® processors, accelerators, standard memory bars and disks, which also helps to make maintenance easier.

The 7U DLC chassis can house two types of nodes:

  • standard compute nodes (two bi-processor nodes in a double blade);
  • accelerated blades equipped with NVIDIA® GPUs or Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors (2 CPUs and 2 accelerators in a double blade)