The whole family of bullion servers

Since late 2010, Bull portfolio propose different bullion models with many exceptional technology innovations to meet IT departments’ current demands.

The Data Lake & Analytics Factory appliance powered by bullion to makes it simple, secure and efficient

The bullion S range:

The bullion S range is composed of four differents models S2, S4, S8, S16.

This state of the art range is powered by Intel® Xeon® E7v4 processors

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Even if bullion S range is now powered by state of the art processors, at the date of the introduction it was powered by Intel® Xeon® E7v3 processors and  Intel® Xeon® E7v2 processors . Those models are still available, sold and shipped enabling existing customers to expand for improve their existing capacities.

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bullion was the very first model of what became the bullion family. In the same way of capacity expansion, bullion is still in the portfolio and available for shipping.

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