Bull supercomputer suite

Bull supercomputer suite

Bull's software suite for HPC environments

Bull supercomputer suite version 5, or SCS 5, introduces a new approach to extreme computing software solutions. Bull SCS 5 is a scalable, open, and robust software suite that meets the requirements of even the most challenging high performance computing (HPC) environments, which also require enhanced security.

Bull SCS 5 is the result of Atos’s long experience in deploying large-scale supercomputers, combined to continued efforts in Research & Development.

Bull supercomputer suite version 5 is designed for every HPC need, from small supercomputers with just a few hundred cores to supercomputers with tens of thousands of nodes. It is cut out to reach performance targets of the order of up to 100 PFlops, based on new-generation CPUs and GPUs. The main goal of Bull SCS 5 is to provide a global high performance supercomputing environment. It includes:

  • a standardized and scalable installation process with an enhanced update solution; mechanisms to ease integration of new hardware;
  • default security with on-time fixes;
  • and support for several user development and execution environments with top performance.

This new generation HPC software suite is a further step towards Exascale computing.

A software suite for your supercomputer and your applications

Bull SCS 5 is a software solution that globally manages supercomputer environments, including data and applications. It is a new product based on a recent Linux distribution (RHEL 7™).

Bull SCS 5 provides a robust, scalable, modular and flexible solution that easily adapts to customer needs. It is closely integrated with the new Bull sequana X1000 series
based on the latest available technologies. It supports EDR InfiniBand with the MOFED stack and MPI accelerators MXM/FCA (both from Mellanox®), a complete development suite and Lustre (based on the Intel® solution). All critical services are configured to ensure High Availability.

Bull SCS 5 is based on best-of-breed open source and ISV software. The selected open source components are enhanced with Atos’s added-value features. ISV components can be added or can fully replace default components, depending on user needs.

By design, Bull SCS 5 is modular, allowing any ISV, open source or home grown software and tools to run seamlessly.

Atos services to take full advantage of Bull supercomputer suite

As a leading provider of end-to-end Extreme Computing solutions, Atos provides consultancy services to help its customers to take full advantage of the benefits of Bull supercomputer suite throughout their projects: design, deployment and operations.

Bull supercomputer suite users can benefit from Atos’s worldwide and highly professional support offer, comprising traditional maintenance and upgrade services as well as dedicated, personalized and pro-active services.