Bull Drone Shield

Bull Drone Shield

In front of the pressing threat of UAVs, securing your infrastructure must be a priority. Bull Drone Shield is designed to protect your sensitive sites from unwanted and potentially dangerous UAVs. This means it creates no fly zones with a smart jammer, which only activate when a threat is detected.

A double protective shield to secure your infrastructure

Bull drone shield secure your sensitive sites by creating a double protective shield: one monitoring permanently the entire radio spectrum and detecting all threats, while the other activate immediately protection countermeasures. Depending on the setting, you can define UAV behavior: return to home or land instantly.

A flexible system thought for your particular use cases:

  • Industrial / military use
  • Fixed / mobile plant
  • Permanent / temporary use

Bull drone shield solution offers you field experience acquired in RCIED protection by jamming:

  • Instantaneous countermeasures
  • Constant surveillance of the radio spectrum
  • User protection with smart jamming