VIGIA – Border Control

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Protection of people and assets

A sovereign state is responsible for the safety and security of its citizens. In particular, it protects them against organised crime, drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Passenger safety must also be protected at borders themselves, such as in airports. It is important for citizens to have confidence in the state, for services to be available and for citizens to feel they are living in a safe country.

Atos offers innovative border protection solutions to the armed forces, customs, the police and security agencies.

Faced with the development and intensification of threats, Atos provides advanced and appropriate responses.

In an increasingly connected world, Atos unites border control solutions with state of the art information solutions, with a centralised command centre. Information is sent in real time and in a relevant way.

On detection, the recognition and identification of targets enables immediate and effective decision making.

The methods used can combine fixed and mobile solutions. Maximum responsiveness allows rapid and effective intervention to be made.

Regulated and unregulated borders

Atos Border Protection solutions cover both regulated borders such as airports, and unregulated borders such as sea and air.

Fixed and mobile borders

Atos offers a broad range of solutions including fixed and mobile systems to suit the specific needs of its customers.

A mobile system can be used to replace a fixed system, in particular in case of failure.

Adapted to all environments

Atos has a complete range of services. Bull Border Protection Solutions cover land, maritime and aerial borders.

Command and control centre

  • Detection of targets of interest and response coordination in real-time
  • Communication between fixed and mobile systems units
  • Integration with Bull Emergency Management System


Complete turnkey solutions or adapted to existing ones

Atos supports its clients with the definition and implementations of their border security projects, bringing its consultancy services, its global integration capacity and its skills in developing critical technologies.

Atos provides turnkey solutions as well as customised ones, which can be adapted to existing solutions