Big Data Software Features

20% Outperformance Revenue: how we succeed?

Big Data Capability Framework

  • For most enterprises, the current approaches to information management technology are heterogeneous and complex. This imply the following barrier:
    • ​Difficulties of the business to access data in order to detect trends or decision making (no use case ready, silos affecting data sources,…)
    • When new use case arrive, no “re-use” that can reduce time to introduce new case


  • Evolution toward a cohesive information infrastructure, like Big Data Capabilities Framework, is inevitable. Organizations that apply this approach can capture a range of specific benefits:
    • ​Enabling business growth by improving the timeliness and quality of decision making through access to a more comprehensive set of information sources
    • Improving  the agility of their processes for introducing new use case
    • Reducing cost of storing and integrating across the information continuum


  • The gap between leading organizations in information management and others will expand rapidly. This gap’s increase will ensure the dominance of top-performing organizations. Organizations with a coherent information management infrastructure, will out perform their industry peers financially by more than 20%