Civil range, repeater



Analog speed and distance repeater

Speed is indicated in analog mode and distance is displayed on a backlighted electromechanical counter.

MFR 5.1

Multi-function repeatermfr5-1

The MFR 5.1 multifunction repeater displays alphanumeric data from:

Navigation network

  • Speed log information
  • GPS
  • Compass
  • Wind network
  • Temperature
  • Others specific sensor displays on request


Digital speed and distance repeater

The RGD100 repeater displays data from a speed log through an RS232 or NMEA 0183 RS422 serial link. Data is displayed on a LCD screen. Speed is displayed in numerical and pseudo analog modes. Distance is displayed in numerical mode and can be reset by the operator.

MFR ALIZEmfr-alize

Digital speed and distance repeater

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