Bull Battle Management System

Bull Battle Management System

Unified information system provides real tactical superiority. This is the aim of the Bull BMS, the C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) system of Atos. As an effective weapon in itself, the solution provides in real time an updated mapping of the battlefield to the different levels of command. This makes it easier to effectively exchange and protect mission data.

Data at the heart of the battlefield

Land forces need the most complete situational awareness by exchanging all relevant information to facilitate decision making:

  • Acquisition and sharing of field information
  • Processing and distribution of command orders
  • Establishment of a clear and updated tactical situation
  • Logistical surveillance

Using this modern system is simple and ergonomic. The interface is fluid and robust in an environment where the faster the information is delivered, the better the command level can take the decision.


The Bull BMS system makes it possible to integrate combined-arms components into a digitalized battlefield. It is fully compatible with other current and coming programs such as:

  • VBCI (armored infantry fighting vehicle)
  • ALAT light army helicopters
  • Félin infantry equipment
  • Multi-role armored vehicle
  • Armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle…

Sharing information securely

A controlled and secured information system thanks to Atos expertise, ruggedized from civilian technologies.


Atos Command and control systems are used in several Europeans armies.

Bull BMS will equip the SICS (Scorpion Combat Information System) program of the French Army.