Atos talks at ISC 2017


Meet our HPC experts :

Time Title Speaker Room
Monday, June 20 13:15 ISC Vendor Showdown Eric Eppe Room Panorama 3
Tuesday, June 21 13:45 Research Papers 05 – Machine Learning Session chaired by Xavier Vigouroux Room Substanz 1+2
15:15 BoF: Programming Models for Exascale Supercomputers – Slow transition or complete disruption?

A BoF featuring the Mont-Blanc project, an EU-funded project now led by Bull.

Exhibition Hall, Booth #220
15:30 Europe’s HPC Ecosystem: the key players

Development of HPC Technology to Serve the European HPC Ecosystem

Jean-François Lavignon Room Panorama 3
Wednesday June 22 08:30 HPC Applications in Industry 

Convergence of HPC & Big Data/Hadoop

Jan Wender Room Panorama 3
13:00 Exhibitor Forum

Mastering Very High Migration Request Rates with Bull Solutions for HPSS

Eric Eppe Exhibition Hall booth #500
Thursday, June 23 09:00 WORKSHOP

European HPC Technology Roadmap – Feedback from Entire European HPC Eco-System & International HPC Experts

Jean-François Lavignon is an invited speaker Marriott Hotel

Form Follows Function – Do Algorithms & Applications Challenge or Drag behind the Hardware Evolution?

Xavier Vigouroux is an invited speaker Marriott Hotel

ExaComm 2016: Second International Workshop on Communication Architectures at Extreme Scale

Jean-Pierre Panziera is an invited speaker, to talk about BXI (Bull Exascale Interconnect) Marriott Hotel

11th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC’16)

Holger Gantikow is an invited speaker on “Providing Security in Container-based HPC Runtime  Environments” Marriott Hotel

Docker: Linux Containers to Optimise IT Infrastructure for HPC & Big Data

Holger Gantikow is an invited speaker on “Linux Containers in a Nutshell” Marriott Hotel

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