Atos Partners with Digital Guardian to launch new Cloud-based Data Loss Prevention Service

June 1, 2015

Atos, an international leader in digital, launches an innovative new cloud-based Data Loss Prevention Service. This cyber security service prevents data loss, whether it be from unauthorized insider activity or external threats including advanced malware.

Atos also announced that it is working in close partnership with Digital Guardian to offer this solution—a one-of-a-kind service in Europe.

Companies are increasingly threatened by both insider threats and by advanced malware. A single incident can have catastrophic consequences, including loss of revenue, negative publicity and reduced brand equity. In today’s massively interconnected world, it is increasingly difficult to protect confidential information—but Atos’ Data Loss Prevention service helps to do just that. It does so by combining the advantages of both data loss prevention and advanced malware detection using Digital Guardian’s unique single agent technology.

Since it is cloud-based, Atos’ Data Loss Prevention Service is deliverable anywhere in the world. This enables rapid deployment, scalability and a short payback period. This fully managed cloud service incorporates Atos’ Security Operation Center and expertise in DLP to provide a robust risk management service. It vastly simplifies deployment and ease of integration into already existing environments. It can also be deployed on-premise or as part of a risk management systems integration program.

The benefits provided by this new service include:

  • Cloud delivery for accelerated deployment and rapid investment recovery
  • Protection of critical business information
  • Regular reporting for improved management of critical information protection
  • Escalation of critical events
  • Combining with advanced malware detection technologies to help thwart today’s most sophisticated threats

Executive Perspective “Atos is very excited to launch this new cloud offering in partnership with Digital Guardian,” said Chris Moret, Vice President Cybersecurity at Atos “Atos is already providing data loss prevention services to multiple customers today and through this partnership we hope to bring our unique service to many more clients. What is particularly exciting is how this service is delivered via the cloud and combines Digital Guardian data loss prevention technology and Atos SOC capabilities to provide an end-to end service that’s able to monitor, detect and mitigate data leakage 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.”

“Sensitive data is the lifeblood of organizations today – whether intellectual property, trade secrets or confidential client information,” said Doug Bailey, chief strategy officer at Digital Guardian. “Many companies do not have the resources and expertise to implement a data protection solution in the required time frame. Atos’ world class delivery capabilities combined with Digital Guardian, the market’s most comprehensive data protection solution offers customers the fastest time to protection of their critical assets.”