Atos launches new Denial of Service Mitigation Solution in Partnership with Radware

September 16, 2015

Atos, an international leader in digital services, launched a new cloud-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation services. This new security service is complementary to other services within the Atos Cyber Security portfolio. Atos also announced that it is working in close partnership with Radware to deliver this new DDoS mitigation service that helps to maintain the availability of critical business services and networks even against today’s sophisticated large-scale attacks.

Today, DDoS attacks are simple to launch yet can have devastating business impacts creating a kind of asymmetric digital warfare. With little funding and no expertise, attackers are able to disrupt critical business operations, cause a reduction in income from operations and increase consumer frustration. As customers and clients are unable to complete transactions online, the business itself can suffer dramatically.

Atos is also seeing a trend where DDoS attacks are used to distract security resources away from other, normally well-protected resources, allowing attackers to breach critical systems and siphon off funds and assets.

Today’s attack vectors are diverse, and a single attack may incorporate several attack methods until one succeeds. This demands flexibility in defense techniques and Atos DDoS service combines different types of mitigation to fend off attackers. Local appliances are used for rapid detection and quick reaction to intrusions, while cloud technologies are used to provide scalable defense against volumetric attacks. By incorporating Radware’s Defense Pipe into Atos’ cyber security portfolio, Atos provides customers with scalability, worldwide availability, and mitigation ‘know how’—all of which are required to be successful in thwarting today’s attacks. Atos Security Operation Centers will monitor 24/7 for DDoS attacks and activate mitigation response when needed. Atos Security Operation center will also provide in-depth risk management expertise for DDoS attacks and broad spectrum of additional cyber security services including security incidence response.

“The business need for DDoS mitigation has never been clearer and Atos is very excited to launch this new offering in partnership with Radware”, said Chris Moret, Vice President Cybersecurity at Atos. “By integrating this service into Atos security services such as our SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) and CSIRT (Cyber Security Incident Response Team), we offer our clients a simplified and unified approach to security management. With the complexity of security threats growing, Atos feels it is essential we simplify as much as possible the risk management process for our clients so that they can concentrate on their core business”.

“Both industry and the public have developed a reliance on Internet-connected systems which has also increased the threat landscape for cyber-attacks such as DDoS,” says Carl Herberger, Vice President of Security Solutions for Radware. “These disruptive attacks against businesses can cause an unnecessary strain on resources intensifying the need for a robust security solution. This new mitigation solution from Radware and Atos can provide end-to-end attack mitigation to help maintain continuity of business operations.”

The benefits of the new Atos service include:

  • Maintain business operations and income streams
  • Fend off a wide variety of attacks types, including large-scale volumetric attacks
  • Maintain brand integrity and customer loyalty
  • Global availability
  • Access to teams of specialized DDoS and security professionals
  • 24/7 Security Operation Centers and CSIRT for rapid and expert response to incidents.