Use Cases

Master your digital transformation

As part of their digital transformation, organizations will migrate their existing applications on clouds and will design portable cloud applications.
Using alien4cloud, developers model once and deploy in one click everywhere.
Organizations will store their applications and data sets and make them available in a marketplace accessible to users, developers and business departments as well as to their partners and customers.

Hybrid cloud enablement Hybrid cloud enablement

As part of its digital transformation, a large French retail bank wanted to migrate 100s of applications on 1000s of virtual machines onto Cloud platforms, public or private. In addition, they wanted a full openness that can only be guaranteed by a TOSCA-compliant platform. They decided to leverage TOSCA as a DevOps package to capture the entire application stack. Alien4cloud helped the retail bank to industrialize the hybrid cloud enablement process at scale while avoiding any cloud vendor lock-in. Atos provided the professional services to accompany the teams along the project, the consulting and training services as well as some development services.

Application lifecycle automation Application lifecycle automation

As part of its digital transition, a large French bank (through an IT provider) wanted to centrally distribute Hadoop solutions as a self-service for the group subsidiaries. They did not have in-house expertise on complex Hadoop solutions. Atos has provided alien4cloud, consulting services and training. Alien4cloud accelerated the availability of Hadoop cluster provisioning (from days to minutes) and easily adapted the standard Hadoop topology to business departments (components, versions,…).


Business users will easily select an application, use available data sets, and deploy the application and data in any location (regional Data centers, private or public clouds). A marketplace powered by alien4cloud has been implemented and will provide applications and data sets through a self-service with configurable business rules.