Alien4cloud Platform

Designs application stack end-to-end and deploys application on any infrastructure


Alien4Cloud allows people in the enterprise to collaborate in order to provide self-service deployment of complex applications through a role based portal. Self-service is not only for key users but also for development teams that want to build and deploy complex applications and leverage different infrastructures such as cloud resources to deploy their environments in minutes.

Share components

In order to accelerate application design, alien4cloud provides a Components and Blueprints catalog.
Leveraging OASIS TOSCA standard, alien4cloud improves components reusability and ensures application portability. Open-source software components and data lake & analytics blueprints are already available.
Indeed, developers can benefit from components ready to use but also create and share new ones within the catalog. Reusing components and blueprints speeds up development phases, ease collaboration but also improves application quality and performance.

Design Blueprints

Alien4cloud application platform modeling allows to graphically design components and blueprints of an application, independently from the infrastructure.
With the powerful designer, developers easily drag & drop components, describe workflows, design blueprint and save it as a TOSCA template. Therefore alien4cloud allows deploying the same blueprint on different infrastructures with minimal (or no) changes. Quickly, DevOps teams are able to design applications ready for Hybrid Cloud.

Design Blueprints

Deploy on any infrastructure

Once designed, the blueprint (TOSCA template) isolates the application evolution from deployment technologies and infrastructures. Furthermore, alien4cloud integrates with any deployment layer and infrastructure to manage automatic deployments of applications. From the self-service portal, different roles and expert in the enterprise can automatically deploy applications anywhere in one click, allowing them to leverage on-demand the best infrastructure in any phase of the Application lifecycle (from dev to prod).